Friday, March 14, 2014

Southwest expedition 2014

                  "Natural Elegance"

Horseshoe Bend. Arizona. February 2014.

It’s one of those places I’ve always wanted to photograph. One place I can cross off my bucket list. Lured by a desire to finally travel to my someday place, I drove almost 5 hours one way from Las Vegas just to get there. And when I finally arrived? The universe was definitely on my side. The conditions were perfect. The sunset. The sky. The whole composition of it was just awesome. There were amazing streaks of yellow and purple-sunbursts hitting the ridge of the canyon. But the wind?

When I got to the canyon the high winds were blowing so hard it was almost impossible to shoot. At one point, I thought I might lose my camera or worse...Shooting on the edge of the canyon was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. An hour and a half later I was on my way back to Vegas-adrenaline pumping, and excited to share this photo.


Dustin J Acdal

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Aloha and welcome to my blog.Well photography all started when i met the girl of my dreams.She was avid photography doing wedding, baby's, family's etc.Well on day we decided to go and do some hiking up in Honomu at a place called A'kaka falls and yes she brought her camera along.I started taking pictures of random stuff like flowers, foliage, streams and from that day on i was sold on photography .I have developed a real passion for photography.As months went by i helped my girlfriend (Joyce)shoot at  party's, weddings, family's portraits we did it all even doing photo booths at party's and even doing one for mayor Billy Kenoi. I started shooting car photos which landed my photos in a local magazine called Hawaii Motorhead .At the ending of 2012 i started to shoot Landscape seascapes photos there is where i put my all in to photography .That is where my passion and heart is so when 2013 came along i stepped away from shooting all but abstract, landscapes,  seascapes photography.So with that be said here is my first blog photo.This is a photo i call 'paradise found' a picture taken on the Hilo coast at sunset.Fellow photographers Kristine Ganir and Russell Mitsuda tagged along that day making the shoot as epic as ever.Stay tuned to my blog as ill take you on a journey of my life behind the camrea. Thank you all for the support love and aloha Dustin J Acdal